I listened to a song earlier that brought back memories. I couldn’t decide if the memories were painful or beautiful. The song meant more today than the last time I heard it. The last time, it was playing from the speaker of a cell phone at a fourth of July celebration in 2013. The fire works had just begun and it was sprinkling. The rain got harder and heavier and then I turned to my love and said “I wonder how epic it would be to kiss in the rain and under the fireworks at the same time” and he said “I guess we’ll find out” and he took my face in his hands and pressed his lips to mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and returned the kiss with equal force and at that moment, everything was perfect. The explosions in the background, the cool droplets on my skin, and the taste of my love’s soft lips. Little did I know that would be the last blissful moment we shared together. And the song that was playing would depict our future. “Someone like you” by Adele had been the background music for that last moment between myself and the man I love, and when I heard it today, I found it ironic. It was also ironic that when this song that I hadn’t heard in over a year began playing, the person who I will always think of when hearing it was only a few feet away, with only a glass door separating us. I knew he could hear it too. As it played, I wondered what he was thinking. I wondered if he thought of our special moment the way I did, or if it meant anything to him like it did to me, or if he even remembered that remarkable kiss in the exploding rain. While I sat there wondering, I saw him through the glass and he walked toward me. He looked at me, one solid glance, and I looked back at him. Neither of us smiled or frowned we just looked at one another, motionless, and it must have only been for a second, but during that second before he disappeared back into the building, I knew he remembered. He had to… He had to.